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The OnScreen Control

Table of Contents
The OnScreen Control
Control Surfaces − Overview

The OnScreen Control (OSC) provides for convenient configuration of the Panorama, Double Panorama and Panorama/Focus display modes (if available). This control allows panning, tilting and zooming the camera's image to find the optimum image section for your purposes. Moreover, the trapezoid correction allows adjusting the skewed (vertical) lines on the image that are common for this type of lens.



If you are selecting a display mode, which contains a Panorama window, you can activate the OnScreen Control:

If the OnScreen Control is visible, you can use it to adjust the visible image section to your needs.

Control Surfaces − Overview

Control Surface


Shows the OnScreen Control and activates the PTZ actions.

This is the complete OnScreen Control for wall mounting.

The speed of the PTZ actions increases the farther away you click from the center of the control.

When attaching the camera to a ceiling or to the floor, the lower part for horizontal correction is not displayed.

Hides the OnScreen Control and locks the PTZ actions for this window.

Resets the current view to its default values (viewing direction is image center).

Changes the zoom setting.

Trapezoid correction: Allows adjusting the perspective of the image.

Horizontal correction: Allows correcting a tilted image if the camera is lopsided after mounting it to a wall.

Switches to the other lens (only dual cameras)

Changes the projection.

Selects the window you would like to configure.

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