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MxManagementCenter, MxControlCenter and MxEasy

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MxManagementCenter, MxControlCenter and MxEasy

If you enable the MxPEG parameter in the JPEG Settings dialog, the camera creates a combined audio/video stream using MOBOTIX video encoding. MxPEG allows for large-format live video and audio streaming (audio only if supported by the camera model) at extremely low network load (1% at 100 Mbps).

For viewing and storing the stream, you need MxManagementCenter, MxControlCenter, MxEasy or the MxPEG ActiveX plugin for Internet Explorer. While MxManagementCenter and MxControlCenter can be used for creating complex video surveillance systems, MxEasy is better suited for small to medium-size systems (max. 16 cameras). MxEasy also puts special emphasis on intuitive and comfortable handling of the surveillance system. Starting with version 1.3, MxEasy is also capable of managing and automatically configuring the MOBOTIX IP Video Door Station.

MxManagementCenter, MxControlCenter and MxEasy are available at the MOBOTIX website free of charge in the Support > Software Downloads section. This section also contains the latest version of the MxPEG ActiveX Plug-in for Internet Explorer.

The programs/program components also provide bidirectional voice connections via the network (Voice over IP or VoIP), provided that adequate bandwidth is available.

For more information on MxManagementCenter, MxControlCenter and MxEasy, please open the Support > Manuals section on

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