MOBOTIXmx10-8-119-220 Camera Status
▽ System
Model M24M-Secure
Serial Number
Hardware T2r3.1, 806 MHz
Image Sensor color
Software MX-V4.7.3.11 (2020-01-28)
Date and Time 2024-07-19 14:46:46 EEST
Current Uptime 11:10:13
▽ Networking
Camera Name mx10-8-119-220
Zeroconf on
IP Address
Network Mask
DNS Server
Link Speed and Duplex 100Mbps / Full Duplex
Statistics Dropped: 5.3% Collisions: 0%
Time Server IP(s) (NTP)
Last Check of Time Server 2024-07-19 14:30:02
Max. Time Server Offset -1.057 ms
▽ Routing
Default Route Gateway:
Connection: Ethernet interface
▽ Audio
Microphone Low sensitivity  
Speaker 0  
▽ File Server / Flash Device
Type CIFS File Server
Path \\\data
Status - mount failed!
Lost Event Images 0
▽ Event and Action Setup
Arming Enabled
Events AS UC
Actions REC FS
Status Actions enabled
▽ Recording Setup
Arm Recording Enabled
Recording Mode Continuous Recording (with audio)
Recording Frame Rate 1 fps
Event Frame Rate 6 fps
Start Recording Events all
Retrigger Recording Events all
Stop Recording Events none
Rec. Time After Event 6 s
Rec. Time After Stop Event 10 s
Rec. Dead Time 5 s
▽ Sensors
Illumination 6525.3 lux
Buttons none
Camera Temperature 26°C (79°F)
▽ Image Setup
Video Codec MxPEG (16384 KBytes)
Image Quality High
Image Properties 1024x768, 60% JPEG quality,
Full Image
Mirror and Rotation Do not mirror, Do not rotate
Noise Filtering High 
Automatic Contrast Standard 
Backlight Correction
Exposure Mode Full Image Area 
Exposure Weighting 100% 
White Balance Weighting Total 
Average Brightness 40%
Color Profile Automatic WB (Classic) 
Color Saturation
Blue Balance
Red Balance
Hardware Gains (G R B) 1408 1664 2048
Current Exposure Time [ms] 2 (0.16-40, +2)
Current Frame Rate 2 fps (maximum 4 fps)
Line Frequency 50 Hz
▽ Web and Network Access
Active Clients 0 live and 0 playback channels
Listening Ports 80/tcp (IPv6) mxhttpd
123/udp ntpd
554/tcp rtpserver
3335/tcp (IPv6) mxhttpd
5353/udp mdnsd
44832/udp mdnsd
46388/udp (IPv6) mdnsd
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